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Antalya, Turkey. IFTC (International Flight Training Center) announces the completion of a “Green” cabin training module, built as an addition to the world’s first self-sustaining flight training center.

The new module features a TFC (Simulatoren und Technik GmbH) Boeing 737 cabin trainer and is part of what CEO Marty van Veluw calls the “Green Simulator Project”. Built in close cooperation with Antalya-based airline Sun Express, the unit will also serve other airlines in the region. Conventional air conditioning and heating units are not used in this module. The closed ground cooling system saves fifty per cent of energy expenditure and is much more effective than standard methods, says van Veluw. The solar power will be more visually evident in this unit: panels will grace the rooftop and the two 100 square meter carports that will soon be seen in front of the building.



IFTC Antalya celebrated its opening in September 2012. The Green Sim concept is based on creating self-supporting modular buildings that can be added or removed as requirements change. This allows for greater flexibility and means that running a center with a single simulator is now economically feasible. The innovative design of the modules means that there is far less wasted space to heat and cool, and each building is solar-powered and LED-lit. Each operates as a separate business unit and is minimally staffed and run by an Operation Control Center (IFTC Istanbul in this instance). This project utilizes knowledge and expertise from all over the world: Marty van Veluw envisioned the energy neutral design after a year as head of IFTC Istanbul made him aware of the resources required to keep a typical simulator center running. “My Dutch brain couldn’t accept all of that wasted space, energy and most importantly, money!” he jokes. A product of Dutch design and engineering, with SimFinance B.V. in charge of supplier sourcing and coordination, this unique undertaking was fully supported by the forward-thinking Turkish Gözen Holding. The new cabin mockup created in Germany joins a Canadian-made Mechtronix B737-NG flight simulator. Both modules were built by expert local construction company Topcu.


IFTC GM Cengiz Arbac, responsible for running the center from Istanbul, says, “The Gözen Holding has been an innovator in various aspects of the aviation industry in Turkey for decades now, so it is only makes sense that they have decided that this is the way forward and that they will lead the way in the industry- not only in Turkey, but in the world. We have been working for a long time to raise the standard of flight training in Turkey, and to do it in such an environmentally friendly way is something very special.” In December 2012 IFTC Antalya was presented with an award for the greenest building.


Mekin Gözen, chairman of the Gözen Holding: “With this project, we feel like we have really made a difference. We are offering flight training services of the highest level and we are the first company of our kind to use green energy on such a large scale. We have created a business model that we think will be the future of flight training around the world. This is important for the business, it is important for Turkey, and it is important to me.”


About IFTC
IFTC is the first independent and private flight training center in Turkey, established to provide training in B737 NG and A320 aircrafts. In addition to type-rating training, IFTC provides cockpit training, cabin crew training, MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation), and other specialized training. Parent company Gözen Holding is active in the field of aviation, aviation training, representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage and security. For more information, visit or follow IFTC on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube