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The Turkish Civil Aviation Authority visited IFTC Antalya for approval


On the 25th of June, The Turkish Civil Aviation Authority inspected IFTC Antalya’s new B737 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) to ensure that it complies with international and local Civil Aviation regulations, and confirm that it is appropriate for airlines to use with their approved training programs.

Visual and audio evacuation signs, cockpit and cabin evacuation commands, Pilot Announcement  systems, evacuation doors, evacuation slide, pressure system and oxygen masks are some of the many features that were inspected. The team also inspected the safety features within the CEET and the building.

During their visit, the inspection team also checked the safety features and the technical capabilities of IFTC’s new Mobile Real Fire Fighting Trainer (MRFFT). The CEET prepares trainees for all Boeing 737 types, and the MRFFT is generic for all aircrafts.

Once the CEET, the MRFFT and the building are approved, which is expected within this week, the first SunExpress cabin crews will begin training.